Pioneers in Co-Creating Organizations & Communities of the Future

The Four Cups is here to INNOVATE the way the world does business and create New Leadership and Business Operating Systems that POWER organizations to be PURPOSE-DRIVEN. These businesses will not only THRIVE financially, they will be agents for GOOD.

We are a Global Network of leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners, who are CHANGEMAKERS.

We have a BOLD and BRIGHT vision for the future of humanity. We believe that by supporting those with a vision to SERVE, we can make our biggest SOCIAL IMPACT.

We bring together a compilation of strategies, trainings, and models that POWER organizations to define a NEW ERA of collaboration, innovation, and wealth creation. Their impact will shape our societies of the future.


Create a roadmap to achieve your and organization’s most important strategic objectives.


Discover and implement New Leadership and Business Operating Systems to take your people, profit, purpose, and performance to the next level.


When you invest in one of our trainings, we gift a scholarship to a rising leader in a partnering community excelling in making a difference.

Building Resources. Rising Leaders

It is our mission to build resources to advance progress for rising leaders and entrepreneurs by partnering with organizations and communities, like Hero Women Rising, who are excelling in growing themselves, their families, and their communities.

Explore the Four Cups

We believe people who live a life of PURPOSE, PASSION, and SERVICE, create organizations and communities where EVERYONE has the opportunity to win BIG.

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