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The Four Cups is here to INNOVATE the way the world does business and create new leadership and business operating systems that POWER organizations to be PURPOSE-DRIVEN. These businesses will not only THRIVE financially, they will be agents for GOOD.

Over decades of developing high-performance teams, T4C has become masterful at helping leaders and executives discover their Purpose and then deploy the systems and models necessary to take that vision and make it a reality. 
We have found all of those systems and models can be categorized into four distinct areas, The Four Cups: People, Profit, Progress, and Performance.
Our guiding principles which power all of our four cups are rooted deep in ancient wisdom. We have scoured the globe to pull together the best from both new innovations and time-honored wisdom. Combining art and science to create holistic and humanistic approach to business.
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In order to honor the traditions which have provided us with such deep wisdom, we are passionate about supporting indigenous communities around the world to achieve their vision for their communities.

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We believe people who live a life of PURPOSE, PASSION, and SERVICE, create organizations and communities where EVERYONE has the opportunity to win BIG.

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