Nourish Your Body to Up Your Game

Photographer  Monika Grabkowska

Photographer Monika Grabkowska

What if you could leverage even more hours of peak productivity, and sustain optimal focus throughout your day, by working strategically with the foods you eat?

When you nourish your body properly and consistently, you prepare your body and your brain for peak performance.  

Healthy, fresh foods, that are full of vitality:

  • Fuel your brain, your endurance, and your performance
  • Nourish your health and magnify your presence
  • Boost your energy all day long, and calm yourself for deep, rejuvenating sleep.

The challenge many of us face is to have more hours of performing at our peak, while handling increasingly complex demands.  

Research shows that you can increase your focus and productivity by adjusting what and when you eat.  Studies show that when you make smart nutritional choices, you can get more done in less time.  There is also research-based evidence that certain foods can help to increase your level of focus.

What should your plate look like?  

A rainbow!

The deeper the hues of your vegetables and fruits, the richer the nutrients.

  • Blue, purple, and red fruits are anti-inflammatory and high in fiber.
  • Dark leafy greens like swiss chard, and cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, cleanse toxins from the body.
  • Green and yellow vegetables sustain eyesight.
  • Orange fruits and vegetables sweep away disease-promoting free radicals for a healthy immune system.

Optimal Food Combining

Daily, for the next 30 days, schedule 3 dates with yourself to nutrient -pack your body and brain for peak performance:

To optimize and sustain your ENERGY, for breakfast & lunch:

  • 1 part protein,  3 parts colorful vegetables, with a tasty explosion of fresh herbs, spices, and high-quality oils

this looks like a palm sized quantity of protein and a triple fist size of vegetables

To calm down for deep RELAXATION, for dinner:

  • 1 part complex carbohydrates, 3 parts colorful vegetables with a tasty explosion of fresh herbs, spices, and high-quality oils, 

this looks like a palm sized quantity of complex carbohydrates, and a triple fist size of vegetables.

Practice Mindful Eating

  • To capture every nutrient, chew your food thoroughly, until it is liquid. Digestion starts in your mouth. 
  • Hydrate, ideally ½ hour before you eat.
  • Select food that is fresh, organic and nutrient-rich!

The quality of a nourished life is astounding!

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