Stop, Drop, & Change Your World

Photographer  Bryan Minear

Photographer Bryan Minear

To Be Able To Change Your World In An Instant, Incorporate Practices That Can Power You To:

  • Recognize strong emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness

  • Increase emotional intelligence — become aware of your emotions and how to work effectively with them

  • Transform emotions from anger to love, frustration to peace, sadness to happiness

  • Communicate skillfully — focus on what you want to leave behind as a gift, rather than on what you want to take away

The Challenge For Most In A Fast-paced World Is To Align Your Heart & Mind:

Research shows that strong emotions such as anger raises your blood pressure, as well as your risk of heart attack. Yikes! It also shows that communication from an emotionally reactive place can damage relationships, even drive people away. People often react negatively to strong emotions. If people feel uncomfortable, and do not understand what is going on, or why, they may avoid contact with you.

Some Ways To Meet This Challenge:

  • STOP the whirlwind of life. Become aware of your breath and breathe more deeply. Become aware of the emotion that is arising, and the thoughts and feelings that come with it. Pause. DO NOT react. When strong emotions rise, you may not be able to think logically, gain perspective, or even gain composure.

  • DROP your thoughts. Let them go. Deepen your breath as deep as you can. Become QUIET inside. Drop into your heart, and access a moment where you have experienced a profound sense of love, peace, or happiness.

  • ROLL into a harmonious state of being, and extend the love, peace, or happiness that you’ve accessed. Not only can you change your experience (and, simultaneously, your habits), you can also change the ways in which you touch the world.

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