Signs & Symptoms of Love — Self

Photographer  bady qb  

Photographer bady qb 

Human beings are social animals.

We yearn for passionate, intimate love; for partners in business who are built to make a difference; and to cultivate environments in which we can thrive. These relationships inspire us to be the change we dream for ourselves and long to see in the world. In every area of our life — at home, at work, and in play — when we feel enveloped by love and completely free to express who we are, we thrive. There are so many layers to living a life we love.

The question is, “How can you have the experience of being who you truly are every day? And, how can you live that experience through your greatest:

  • Intelligence
  • Confidence
  • Love

Teachings from ancient cultures and traditions focus on our essence — that essence being love. Love is even more than what we experience at the personality level. Love is the core, innate energetic of who we are.

As we encounter life’s many situations it is not always easy to access this source of love. And yet our greatest self always lies just underneath the surface of any sense of self doubt, insecurity, or fear that may arise inside us.

Research shows that when our heart and mind are in coherence, we can experience the depth and richness of our own intelligence, confidence, and love.

Here’s what you can do here and now to access these powerful qualities that are always within you!!

1. Rhythmic Breathing

Bring your heart and mind into coherence through breathing rhythmically . Sit comfortably in a quiet place. Take a few deep, rhythmic breaths into your heart. It may help you to count to 4 on the inhale and 4 on the exhale. Inhale deeply & exhale as completely as you can. With each breath, become more aware of how your heart and mind can come together. As they do, allow yourself to let go and relax. When your mind and heart are coherent, you can gain access to your best self — to openness and ease. In this state you can access your innate source of intelligence, confidence, and love. And, continued practice, can unleash your power and magnify your experience of life!

2. Train Your Brain with Deep Self Awareness

When we lack self awareness, we can so easily get caught up in judgement, which often causes us to react in ways that increase our sense of doubt and even leave us feeling terrible about ourselves. As we cultivate awareness, we learn to masterfully digest all our experiences so that we can meet each and every situation with a fresh, clear perspective.

The practices of meditation and contemplation are game changers. These practices can help you deepen self awareness and even transform at the cellular level, as they nourish the entire nervous system, including the brain. There are so many ways to practice meditation and contemplation. Here are a few that you can access today:

  • At the tip of your fingers with your phone or computer you can explore the Insight Timer (App). 
  • With your running shoes, go out for a walk in the woods. Practice using all of your senses to meet nature and it’s sights, sounds, and smells. 
  • At home or in your office, sit in your most comfortable chair. Gaze at an image that inspires you for at least 5 minutes.
  • Play a song that energizes or calms you. Become aware of how the sounds feel in your body and affect your state of mind.

Dive into these practices and experience your natural state of balance and your greatest potential. Open to experience the gems of intelligence, confidence, and love from the essence of your being.

For more ways to access how you can experience a life you love, join our community, and register to be part of our upcoming event Deep Dive Into Relationships.

Live Exceptionally. Be the Difference.