Ignite the Power of Real Happiness

Photographer  Guilherme Stecanella

Photographer Guilherme Stecanella

In order to ignite that inner power and bring happiness into our hearts and lives it is important we are able to:

  • Practice mindfulness, not only looking at the past or present but embracing the present moment
  • Awakening our insights thru seeing our true potential to be peaceful, joyful, and playful
  • Diligently looking at our thoughts, recognizing that they are impermanent and fleeting
  • Have faith in our innate nature and our capacity to shine beyond any limiting thoughts or feelings
  • Gather the mind in single-pointed concentration to support the inner journey and reduce stress in your daily lives

Research shows that by focusing on a single point it is possible to reduce your stress while slowing down that daily whirlwind of activities bringing balance, better health, even inner happiness.

How do you ignite your inner power and create happiness in your heart and mind?

Here is one simple method that has been practiced for centuries:

  • Choose an object—a picture or something special
  • Sit comfortably on a cushion or chair
  • Aim to focus your attention on this object for a short period of time, you can even set a timer on your phone

Starting out your day, with even 5 minutes of single-pointed concentration, is a great way to reduce stress and chaos, and promote greater productivity and efficiency, throughout your week.

For more ways to ignite your inner power, join our community, and register to be part of our upcoming Live event Deep Dive Into Meditation.

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