We work with visionary companies that have a passion for making a difference in their communities and in the world around them, and who are ready to break through a ceiling or simply to find their path to their next level.

Our clients range from individual entrepreneurs and startups to mid-size corporations and Inc. 500 companies.

Company owners typically engage our services to:

  • Move strategically from Owner/President to Owner/Chairman of the Board
  • Scale up in size, profit, and productivity
  • Elevate team performance
  • Build win-win relationships
  • Grow the core business
  • Expand into new markets
  • Optimize health and personal performance
  • Engage communities in which they serve

What drives us is helping company owners and their team members reach new levels of performance and profitability by illuminating a path to sustainable growth. We love to share our wealth of knowledge in finance, performance, relationships, and leverage.

Working with us will help you to:

  • Create purpose-driven, peak performing teams
  • Accelerate revenue and improve profit
  • Streamline and leverage talent, time, and resources
  • Customize models to maintain consistent, dynamic growth
  • Excel with proven strategies and eliminate trial and error
  • Integrate vision, values, and purpose into culture and communications
  • Build wealth for you, your teams at the office, and your family
  • Balance a powerful schedule with effective self-care of body and mind

Our Complimentary Consultation

We start with a complimentary 30-minute call to discover where you are personally and professionally, and where you want to go, both short- and long-term. We are also interested in any obstacles, issues, and challenges you are experiencing as they relate to the growth of your company and to the fulfillment of your dreams.

When there is potential alignment with our company and yours, we will continue the introductory process by following up with two brief questionnaires: 1) an owner behavioral profile and 2) a company overview. Once we receive your answers, we set up a one-hour complimentary analysis by phone or in person, to share our assessment and dive a little deeper into the company goals and objectives, so that we may deliver recommendations that can be acted upon immediately.

Client Engagement

Most engagements with a new client begin with a 6 to 12 month relationship. We find it typically takes at least 6 months to integrate enough of the action items we recommend to effectively redirect a company, experience the desired impact of the changes, and achieve the rewards. Many request a one-year, or multi-year, commitment with us, when their most important goals are longer term and would benefit from business mentorship over an extended time period.

What Do Clients Say About Us?

After 37 years of running our hospital, I had hit a wall and did not see how I could get to the next level. Within months of working with The Four Cups, our team experienced renewed energy to perform and our revenue is increasing significantly. Also invaluable — my wife, Mary, and I have had the pleasure of sharing this with our adult children, who have also seen what can be in their financial and creative futures.
— Dr. Tim Banker, Founder and CEO, Sedgefield Vet, Greensboro, NC
Rick and Faith turn macro strategies into actionable steps to handle the day to day challenges of a growing enterprise. They integrate with your company in such a way that they feel like part of the team. When you partner with The Four Cups, you are partnering with an organization that seeks to build not only your business, but your life as a whole.
— Bo Menkiti, Founder and CEO, Menkiti Group, Washington, DC
We wanted to develop a team of health professionals who would grow together over time. The reality: we were lacking in focus, consistency, and systematic outreach. After our ‘transformation’ with The Four Cups, we have become aligned around a singular vision, our clients are more loyal, and our communications are more effective and productive!
— Linda Wentz, Owner and President, Holistic Touch, Alexandria, VA
With guidance from The Four Cups in discovering our strengths and needs, our productivity is way up and we are expanding our office to accommodate the growth. Faith and Rick have been remarkably selfless with their time and care.
— Tim Akers, Principal Partner, Plan B Real Estate, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Is your company ready for strategic guidance & extraordinary results?