Build A Legacy To Serve Future Generations

100-Year Vision Strategy

The Futurecast delivers a 100-year VISION and STRATEGY to drive sustainable organizational, economic, and social impact. Receive a complimentary 30-minute Exploration Call by answering our brief questionnaire to help us understand how we can best serve you.

Create A Powerful Legacy

At The Four Cups, we know we are all in a dramatic time of change—socially, economically, politically, and culturally—which is creating disruption in almost every industry. More importantly, we see this time of cultural upheaval as OUR OPPORTUNITY to create a world where there is more opportunity for everyone. It is our mission to serve the organizations who are being change-makers in the world AND businesses who have the DESIRE to step into that role to create a powerful LEGACY.

We believe that the businesses who create from a quadruple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit, Purpose) will be the organizations who thrive in the next 100 years. They will be well equipped to navigate disruptive technologies and cultural changes because they can capture the hearts and imaginations of the new and evolved human being.

A 100-Year Roadmap

Our Futurecast is an assessment that creates a ROADMAP for your organization to exponentially increase your company’s influence and impact with our dynamic 4-phase approach.


Here our focus is on YOU and those closest to you—your core. It includes you, your team, and your organization(s).

Here our Futurecast begins by delivering laser-focused, strategic models to: 1.) Mine your stakeholders and team members for hidden gems and strengthen your organization by cultivating a SUPERSTAR TEAM. 2.) Light your TALENT on FIRE with economic models which can make the achievement of your company’s goals everyone’s burning desire. 3.) Create an internal culture and operational systems that can be SELF-SUSTAINING in order to foster a synergistic and ULTRA PRODUCTIVE work space.


In this phase, we move from OPTIMIZING the heart of your organization–its people and their performance–and expand outward to your TARGET MARKET: your community and your raving fans.

Here we uncover creative strategies to:


Our focus expands into your INDUSTRY and alliances and the ecosystems they create. Within these lies a constellation of new possibilities. We believe that moving from COMPETITION to COLLABORATION is how we can create a world in which there is more opportunity for everyone to win.

Here in our Futurecast is where we:


In our final phase, we take a calculated leap into the potential for the most far-reaching influence of all. Here is where The Four Cups is helping you create your 100-YEAR plan and take on the STATUS QUO.

Here in our Futurecast is where we:

Launch A New World Of Strategic Growth

To start the Futurecast and SUPERCHARGE your organization’s journey toward creating your LEGACY, click on the “Start Your Exploration” button below to begin our Discovery process. First, we will pose 5 thought-provoking questions designed to uncover the GENIUS and VISION within your leadership. Then we will follow up with a complimentary Discovery Call to learn more about your goals and how we can work together to make your vision a reality.


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