The Four Cups is here to WAKE UP the way the world does business, and EXPEDITE the transition from competition to COLLABORATION. We believe serving leaders who have a BOLD and BRIGHT vision for the future is how we can make the BIGGEST social impact. We are champions for People, Profit and Progress.



Faith Green, Founder, Visionary

FAITH GREEN is Co-Founder and Visionary of The Four Cups (T4C)—a company with the drive and intention to wake up the way the world does business. The Four Cups is creating and supporting a global ecosystem of visionaries who are taking the lead in building organizations where everyone has the opportunity to grow and win. Faith’s genius lies in her ability to dive straight to the heart and core of people’s passion and goals to help them harness their vision. Faith has helped business owners — individuals to organizations — expand their vision, operations, and revenue to surpass their strategic objectives and grow sales and assets into the billions.

Faith, Rick Corrado, Co-Founder of The Four Cups, and their team partner with leaders and businesses to guide them and their teams to their natural sweet spot that optimizes their potential for happiness, sustainability, and impact. Through her experience working with executives and experts in their fields, she co-creates business models that serve the future—with leaders of companies who are human focused, heart centered, and whose work contributes to the well-being of their teams, communities, and causes.

In addition to her business acumen, Faith has been a leader in health and wellness in Washington, DC for over 20 years, working with professional athletes, nationally recognized business owners, executives, and entertainers, with her unique team of doctors, therapists, and healers. She believes in the value of living, playing, and working well. She has been fortunate to learn how successful individuals lead with their passion and purpose to live a truly great life, coupled with optimal health and vitality. She brings joy, love, wisdom, and precision to everything she does. 

After traveling the world seeking both ancient and cutting-edge wisdom to unlock the most vibrant health and dynamic relationships, I discovered that focusing on health, wealth, relationships, and purpose — pulling them all together — multiplies the power and impact of what we can achieve, exponentially. At The Four Cups, we simply help people reach so much more of their potential.
— Faith Green

Rick Corrado, Founder, CEO

RICK CORRADO is Co-Founder and CEO of The Four Cups (T4C)—Rick’s genius lies in his ability analyze and connect numerous parts and players in new ways to make better results for all. A consummate financial visionary and strategic consultant, Rick has educated over one million executives, entrepreneurs, investors, young adults, and even children, in specific strategies for wealth and business. He has guided and assisted many to millionaire and multi-millionaire status, and helped others who were already there, to amass passive income and increase their confidence in their financial security.

Rick has helped business owners grow their sales and assets into the billions—by improving productivity and strategically increasing their value to all stakeholders for massive gains in productivity and profit, and with an eye for sustainable growth. He has launched over 20 successful businesses, bought and sold many more, and developed multiple passive income streams. His own largest business to date is a real estate master franchise that he and his partners started with 17 agents in one office, now has over 4,000 agents and just passed $9 billion in annual sales.

Rick, Co-Founder Faith Green, and their team, partner with leaders and businesses to guide them and their teams to record breaking progress with increased sustainability and impact. He puts his decades of experience working with executives and experts toward co-creating business models that can serve the future. In addition to his business acumen, Rick has an extensive background in music, dance, and martial arts. His understanding of the creative process, serves him as a consultant, educator, and speaker. Rick is a numbers guy with a keen understanding of the value of all 4 of The Four Cups: performance, finance, relationships, and purpose, and he loves teaching the powerful results that can be achieved by maximizing and leveraging each, to highly-motivated companies, organizations, and individuals.

It is surprising how many business owners build and run successful organizations, yet neglect to leverage their businesses to become an asset for passive income. We help owners create a strategic business plan to perpetuate growth, in both profitability and client impact, whether they are at work or at play.
— Rick Corrado



JENNIFER GEBHARDT is the Architect of Marketing and Sales at T4C. Her genius lies in her ability to absorb large amounts of complex information, apply her strategic thinking and formulate it into elegant solutions. She thrives in environments where she can use her problem solving skills to improve the lives of others. She is passionate about the mission of The Four Cups to design organizations that evolve the human being and serve as an agent for good in the world.

For the last 10 years, Jen has applied her strategic design to the world of marketing and communications. She has worked as an online marketing expert and has a track record of adding millions to the bottom line for clients. She has worked with businesses all over the United States and is the owner of a digital marketing agency, which helps small and medium sized businesses drive more customers through increasing their presence in Google and growing communities in social media. Jennifer uses her experiential knowledge in managing digital advertising and developing digital products to create unique campaigns that drive measurable results.

Jennifer joined The Four Cups team to expand the digital reach of T4C as they take their decades of experience of guiding leaders and businesses to record breaking progress with increased sustainability and impact to a wider audience - and ignite a global conversation of how business can be both highly profitable and an agent for good in the world. As a member of the T4C team, Jennifer utilizes her strategic thinking and marketing knowledge to help T4C client’s identify areas of opportunity for growth through digital marketing and develop powerful messaging around their mission and vision.  


Robert fincati, STRATEGIC adviser

Robert Fincati is a strategic adviser to The Four Cups.  Robert’s genius lies in his ability to develop high functioning executive teams that develop and execute strategic plans that ensure operations are in alignment with core values. Robert specializes in good corporate governance and best business practices with a proven track record of excelling in fund management and financial investment returns. Robert is an experienced CEO who focuses on creating wealth sovereignty for Indigenous Nations in Canada and globally.

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 Robert has been called a “Natural CEO, with a gift for making people money. He started out by launching and purchasing businesses in a variety of industries including forestry and retail which led to a lucrative career in forestry and investing.  With proven success in growing businesses, he was sought after to take on one CEO position after another, which involved real world CEO training with indigenous Nations through the Westcap Management BRIDG Program based on Harvard’s American Indian Economic Development Project.  

Through numerous successes, Robert became recognized as an accomplished investor and fund manager, invited to be the trustee of a $32 million dollar fund, where he demonstrated his ability to assess, strategize, and execute with precision and achieve measurable results. From there, he accepted two CEO positions with Wahpeton Dakota Developments and Montreal Lake Business Ventures. For the past seven years, he has led Montreal Lake Business Ventures fund to an average 28.4% return annually.

Beyond Robert’s financial successes, his passion for working with indigenous Nations led him to Turtle Lake where he was adopted into a Turtle Lake Nakota Family. This began his work with the First Nations where he guided more effective governance practices and created social community funds for cultural revitalization with a special focus on programs to keep youth away from gangs and drugs. These programs foster fundamental indigenous values that connect hunting, fishing, trapping, and gathering to the land as well as introduce youths to cultural activities such as sewing and creating mukluks (traditional moccasins), maintaining community gardens, protecting fish spawning streams and identifying and caring for grave sites. His passion for creating social impact through business makes him a natural ally and partner to The Four Cups vision.

I look at the needs of society to see how we can utilize our strengths ways to provide what’s truly needed, and create forward momentum. The more we can heal and serve communities, the more we dissolve separation and facilitate collaboration. There’s an art to being a leader and making decisions. Those can be tough decisions. It’s important to be humble. We must develop relationships by first understanding ourselves and each of the players to see how we can work through each other’s interest. I facilitate my teams in laying all interests on the table, and figure out how to have everyone win and work collaboratively to take the mission, vision, and objectives into full execution.
— Robert Fincati

Debbie Witt, co-visionary  

DEBBIE WITT is Co-Visionary of The Four Cups (T4C) with Co-Founder, Faith Green—she utilizes her gifts in communications and branding to bring the vision of waking up the way the world does business in how it’s expressed through The Four Cups. Debbie’s genius lies her ability to see the big picture and facilitate meaningful expression of their vision, values, and purpose. She is passionate about elevating environments in ways that grow human potential and the bottom line.

For over 25 years, Debbie has served as a creative director for organizations and institutions nationally and globally. From multi-year campaigns that encourage responsible consumption of alcohol at sports arenas for Major League Basketball, MBA and National Basketball Association, NBA; campaigns to recruit top talent for Sibley Memorial Hospital, Johns Hopkins Medicine; branding to reframe the way we perceive a global security organization; to publications that highlight the impact of education for alumni and donors at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Debbie has taught as adjunct professor at American University’s School of Communications, and developed signature processes designed to cultivate client’s vision, values, and purpose in ways that hone in on their unique value, speak to their ideal client, and build cohesive culture.

Debbie joined The Four Cups to add heart and experience to The Four Cups’ in growing a global community of business owners and entrepreneurs who are elevating human potential. She is passionate about her work with Faith and the team in bringing their vision to life in all they do.