The Four Cups co-founders Faith Green and Rick Corrado are a master team both personally and professionally, who bring exceptional experience, wisdom, energy, and resources to their clients and programs.



Faith Green, Co-Founder

Faith is a specialist in nurturing peak performance and maximizing human potential on every level — personal, professional, physical, and spiritual.

She has been a leading health professional in Washington, DC for over 20 years, working with professional athletes, nationally recognized business owners, executives, entertainers, and private clients with her unique team of healers. She has been fortunate to learn as few others have how successful individuals lead with their passion and purpose to live a truly great life, coupled with optimal health and vitality. She brings joy, love, wisdom, and precision to everything she does.


After traveling the world seeking both ancient and cutting-edge wisdom to unlock the most vibrant health and dynamic relationships, I discovered that focusing on health, wealth, relationships, and leverage — pulling them all together — multiplies the power and impact of what we can achieve, exponentially. At The Four Cups, we simply help people reach so much more of their potential.
— Faith Green

Rick Corrado, Co-Founder

A consummate financial and strategic consultant and visionary, Rick has educated over one million executives, entrepreneurs, investors, young adults, and even children, in specific strategies for wealth and business. He has launched over 20 successful businesses, bought and sold many more, and developed multiple passive income streams. His largest business to date, a real estate regional franchise that he and his partners started with 17 agents in one office, now has over 4,000 agents and just passed $9 billion in annual sales.

Most importantly, Rick’s style of building companies is to focus on helping his associates become what he calls “Wealth Builders.” He has guided and assisted many to millionaire- and multi-millionaire status, and helped others who were already there, to amass passive income and increased financial security.

He’s a numbers guy with a keen understanding of the value of all 4 of The Four Cups: performance, finance, relationships, and purpose, and he loves teaching the powerful results that can be achieved by maximizing and leveraging each, to highly-motivated companies, organizations, and individuals.


It is surprising how many business owners build and run successful organizations, yet neglect to leverage their businesses to become an asset for passive income. We help owners create a strategic business plan to perpetuate growth, in both profitability and client impact, whether they are at work or at play.
— Rick Corrado

Debbie Witt, Branding & Structure Genius  

Debbie Witt is a branding and communications professional with over 25 years of experience in art direction, visual strategies, organizational synergy, and structure. She is passionate about capturing our client's brand essences and values, and equally talented at developing organizational structure and strategic networking to improve sales, delivery of services, and desired growth. She supports our clients in making a transition from relationship- to performance-based businesses, and increasing profit while continuing to operate from their core.

Debbie is an adjunct professor of Public Communication teaching Visual Strategies in Public Relations at the School of International Service at American University, and creator of Vision to Value Branding™, a signature process designed to define the brand and value of small to mid-size companies in the marketplace.