Aury Guardia

AURI GUARDIA is an acclaimed international consultant, educator, therapist, and healer. For over 40 years she has guided thousands to discover the gap between “where they are now” and “where they want to be.” Auri gives you the tools to apply science and psychology to optimize brain states, release fixed habits and belief systems, and […]

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Dr. Wenyao Shi

DOCTOR WENYAO SHI’s extensive understanding of Western and Eastern medicines, provides a comprehensive analysis of each client’s health status. In his initial assessment, he reviews diet, exercise, rest, and postural alignment, as well as health history and concerns. From there, he recommends lifestyle practices and treatments to achieve desired goals. He offers Traditional Chinese Medicine,

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Dr. Yongli Ni

DOCTOR YONGLI NI takes Western Medical training from the Beijing School of Medicine, as well as a Master’s degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Statistics, and blends them with her expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and groundbreaking new technology in order to create a comprehensive system of health support

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Dr. Chris Key

DR. CHRIS KEY, holds a Ph.D. in psychology-psychophysiology from Union Institute and University. He is a certified Advanced Rolfer and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Delaware, where he works primarily with actors, athletes, and dancers focusing on the body in performance. He integrates his practice of Rolfing with his broad studies with

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Will Green

WILL GREEN electrifying presence enlivens almost everyone he encounters. His life’s work has been activating leaders in ways that give them access to their flow state, where they excel. Leaders are not “the chosen ones,” they are the everyday people who see beyond limits, and envision and create a brighter future for themselves, their families,

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Latoya Bullard Franklin

LATOYA BULLARD-FRANKLIN’s destiny brought her from humble beginnings to a successful Entrepreneur.  She is Founder and CEO of The Bulsard Group, LLC-a firm celebrating over 10 years focused on partnering with clients to discover value, create value, and deliver value in the pursuit of Operational Excellence. Little did she know her building blocks for success

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Narek Kostanyan

NAREK KOSTANYAN is a professional IT engineer and entrepreneur. He has developed a powerhouse of skills and talents with over 15 years of software development, research and management experience working in international companies and start-up businesses in Europe and the US. After releasing 10 successful mobile apps, he is now building a groundbreaking app that

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Debbie Witt

DEBBIE WITT is Co-Visionary of The Four Cups (T4C) along with Co-Founder Faith Green. Debbie utilizes her gifts in communications and branding to bring the vision of waking up the way the world does business and how it’s expressed through The Four Cups. Debbie’s genius lies in her ability to see the big picture and

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Faith Green

FAITH GREEN is Co-Founder and Visionary of The Four Cups (T4C), a company with the drive and intention to wake up the way the world does business. The Four Cups is creating and supporting a global ecosystem of visionaries who are taking the lead in building organizations where everyone has the opportunity to grow and

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Rick Corrado

RICK CORRADO is Co-Founder and CEO of The Four Cups (T4C). Rick’s genius lies in his ability to analyze and connect numerous parts and players in new ways to make better results for all. A consummate financial visionary and strategic consultant, Rick has educated over one million executives, entrepreneurs, investors, young adults, and even children

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