Gain crystal clarity for how you and your organization can:

Harness Genius

optimize time, talent, and resources to bring YOU, your team, and your company to the NEXT LEVEL.

Fuel Vision

increase cash flow, maximize investments, and grow profit to Pave Pathways for SUSTAINABLE GROWTH.

Drive Impact

create MEANINGFUL CHANGE that serves your organization, clients, communities, and the world.

Elevate Productivity

design systems, models, and accountability to lead, track, and manage productivity that achieves and sustains PEAK PERFORMANCE.

We customize New Leadership and Business Operating Systems to meet the specific goals and objectives of the organizations and communities we engage.

Harness Genius

Take a journey with us to discover the treasure trove of natural skills and talents that you and your team possess. Our models can maximize your performance and the performance of your team, while allowing each of you to spend more time on the areas where you are built to excel. When one focuses their time on innate talents, peak performance and maximum effectiveness can occur effortlessly. 

Better yet, when people work inside of their genius, many have described the experience like “time standing still”, feeling ELECTRIFIED by the alignment, and sheer enjoyment of their work — igniting in them an internal DRIVE to EXCEL.  

In our Harness Genius Intensive, we start with where you are: what’s working and what’s not. Next, we utilize tools and strategies to hone in on your strengths and leverage your weaknesses.

With these tools and the knowledge gained from them, you can optimize a plan to leverage genius to ACCELERATE and ACHIEVE your and your organization’s biggest goals faster. 

Receive a complimentary 15-minute Exploration Call by answering our brief questionnaire to help us understand how our Harness Genius Intensive can best serve you.

Fuel Vision

Once you have unearthed and harnessed the genius within you and your organization, it is a natural evolution to leverage your assets, time, and talent to bring your VISION to life. Cash flow and profit are your ability to CREATE in the world — they are the fuel that powers your vision. 

Our Fuel Vision intensive teaches you how to hold your company and the roles you play ACCOUNTABLE to funding your vision, goals, and objectives using the secrets that highly successful CEOs have mastered to drive sustainable growth. 

First, you will discover how to design a dashboard that tracks and measures key indicators. At-a-glance, this can provide you with a snapshot of your business’ performance and financial health, allowing you to monitor successes and course correct quickly and efficiently with crystal clarity. 

Next, we bring a fresh perspective to looking at how you “PUMP” money, and use that understanding to explore ways to leverage money made. You will learn new ways to send your money to work to make even more money, and ways collaborate with others who can exponentially EXPAND your and their earning capacity. This includes discussions around leveraging assets, mergers, and acquisitions. 

We pull it all together with the implementation of tools that take the strategies of money and wealth creation you developed in this intensive and translate them into goals, then plans, and finally action steps — arming you to bring your VISION and MISSION into reality.

Receive a complimentary 15-minute Exploration Call by answering our brief questionnaire to help us understand how our Fuel Vision Intensive can best serve you.

Drive Impact

Business is autobiographical. Organizations are a direct reflection of the people who create and operate them. Each company tells a story… 

What will your story be? 

When you focus your story on benefiting the people within your organization AND the communities your organization impacts, you create a CULTURE that is MAGNETIC in the marketplace. Even more importantly this kind of focus can create meaningful PROGRESS in the world. 

Teams IGNITED by passion around the vision, retain clients, attract top talent, connect with affiliates, and land invaluable partners. 

It is one thing to create a vision, it is another to bring it ALIVE in your company’s culture. In Drive Progress, learn to make use of experiences in your company to call your team members to higher and higher standards. Power that further forward using compensation models, education, mentors, and more. 

Once culture takes root, it can be EXPANDED out into the world. Implement your experiential knowledge to guide others toward greater success and COLLABORATE with peers and leaders to create real progress on the planet. Finally, we look at philanthropy as a way of investing in the greater good and as a path to creating a LEGACY that makes your impact in this world immortal. 

When we can stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us, and band together with the ones beside us, we can achieve heights we never dreamed possible before.

Receive a complimentary 15-minute Exploration Call by answering our brief questionnaire to help us understand how our Driving Impact Intensive can best serve you.


After you have harnessed the collective genius in your organization, leveraged your assets to fuel vision, and built an impassioned culture around a collective vision to drive impact, it’s time to level up productivity. To get laser focused on the specific actions that will achieve the most significant impact on your urgent and long-term goals. To integrate these high-value actions into habits and level up performance for you, your team and your organization.

Our Elevate Productivity intensive gives you tools and models to: 

  • Set crystal-clear targets, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly that supports immediate and long-term objectives. 
  • Achieve a cadence of high-value habits.
  • Nurture initiative, strong leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Leverage time, talent and resources

In Elevate Productivity, you gain knowledge on how to:

  • Align immediate actions with long-term goals that are in-keeping with your company’s vision and values.
  • Match the best technology to meet your, your teams and organization’s goals in all areas of operations, sales, marketing, communications, and finance.
  • Design systems to align vision with leveraged action.

We created this intensive to give you and your team tools and models to lead with strategic actions, metrics, and accountability that inspires leadership, initiative, and high performance that creates a cadence for elevating personal, team and organizational performance on all levels. 

Receive a complimentary 15-minute Exploratory Call by answering our brief questionnaire to help us understand how Elevate Productivity might best serve you.

Growing on the Edge of Change

At The Four Cups, it is our mission to WAKE UP the way the world creates impact through business. Business is an opportunity to be an agent for GOOD. We believe that at the heart of every great leader is a burning desire to build their vision and bring unique value to the world in ways that make a meaningful difference. 

We have taken our years of experience growing companies to offer leaders and businesses of their future access to models and tools that have CATAPULTED new levels of personal fulfillment, financial success, and social impact. 

Each of our 90-day intensives deliver a collection of some of our most POWERFUL, proven models for harnessing the true potential of Leadership and Organizations in 4 key areas of PEOPLE, PROFIT, PERFORMANCE, and PURPOSE. Our goal is to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit as a pathway for change that has the power to create measureable progress for humanity.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.” – Albert Einstein

We kick off each intensive with a live video keynote that challenges the status quo with PARADIGM SHIFTING strategies that offer leaders NEW PATHWAYS for doing business.

Knowledge alone is not power. The APPLICATION of knowledge is power.

At The Four Cups we live and breathe APPLIED knowledge. The successes our clients have achieved did not come from simply learning new tactical approaches, but from IMPLEMENTING and INTEGRATING proven models for business success in their companies and in their lives.

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