Spend More Time in Your “Genius”

You may have heard of the coveted “Genius Zone” (if not click here)…

And you probably have some big goals that could be more quickly achieved if you spent more time there…

But HOW?

Step 1: Follow the Flow

Think back to the last few weeks or months at work, to a moment where you were so absorbed by a task that time simply melted away. You seemed to have boundless energy and concentration for what it was that you were doing at that moment. It is what so many have called the “flow” state.

Jot down a note about what you were doing or working on.

Now remember another. Jot it down. And another. Jot it down.

Now look for the common denominators or shared themes… maybe it is obvious or maybe it is subtle. If you are still stuck, you could help clarify even more by giving each of these a 1-10 rating on how much you enjoyed each task.

Record what you uncover as the tasks that put you into the “flow.” The tasks that felt effortless and produced excellent results. Any time you’re working in the flow state you are likely working in your genius.

Step 2: Apply it to Your Goal

Now look at your big goal you are working toward this week, this quarter, or this year…

How could you spend just 15 more minutes a day working on tasks that take you into your flow state AND contribute to your reaching your goal?

Just 15 minutes.

You may be shocked at what the outcome could be.

As this muscle grows, spend more and more time each day in your flow state – your genius zone.

After you have done this for a few days or a few weeks, we would love to hear your results!

Remember, knowledge has the greatest power when activated through application. And results are solidified when you record and acknowledge them. We challenge you to do the exercise, then share with us your successes and barriers to overcome in the comments!

This exercise is a simple, yet quick way to identify and access your genius zone through your flow state… In our 90-day Harnessing Genius program, we go through the in-depth, step-by-step system we have developed for discovering and putting into action your genius and the genius of your team. We use a variety of proven tools and models that have helped leaders and teams take their performance to higher levels of success.

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