Aury Guardia

AURI GUARDIA is an acclaimed international consultant, educator, therapist, and healer. For over 40 years she has guided thousands to discover the gap between “where they are now” and “where they want to be.” Auri gives you the tools to apply science and psychology to optimize brain states, release fixed habits and belief systems, and focus on your true goals. A session with Auri is a “paradigm shift” toward greater accomplishment.

In a one-on-one consult Auri walks beside you to take a deep look at what is happening now, where you want to be, and, most importantly — what is holding you back. Step by step, she guides you in deconstructing habits and thought patterns that are limiting and guides you in formulating a strategy that moves you more effectively towards your desired outcome.

Auri travels the globe as a consultant and educator offering one day intensives to catapult leaders to their next level. You will leave equipped with advanced practices to release the obstructions that limit you and accelerate the achievement of your objectives. 

If you are ready to launch to your next level and utilize that to perpetuate consecutive growth, Auri one-day intensive is a game-changing starting ground.

From our clients


— Maria Sutton

President of MARS (My Aircraft Reporting System), Osprey, Florida, USA

Auristela is a sister, friend, and revealer of truth. She’s firm and direct with what needs to change and how to change it. Numerous times she has helped me to overcome adversities. I have counted on her knowledge and wisdom for decades. Auri is a gift.

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