Debbie Witt

DEBBIE WITT is Co-Visionary of The Four Cups (T4C) along with Co-Founder Faith Green. Debbie utilizes her gifts in communications and branding to bring the vision of waking up the way the world does business and how it’s expressed through The Four Cups. Debbie’s genius lies in her ability to see the big picture and facilitate meaningful expression of each client’s vision, values, and purpose. She is passionate about elevating environments in ways that grow human potential and the bottom line.

For over 25 years, Debbie has served as a creative director for organizations and institutions nationally and globally. She has conducted multi-year campaigns that encourage responsible consumption of alcohol at sports arenas for National Basketball Association (NBA) games, as well as campaigns to recruit top talent for John’s Hopkins Sibley, branding to reframe the way we perceive global security organizations. She has even contributed publications that highlight the impact of education for alumni and donors at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Debbie has taught as adjunct professor at American University’s School of Communications, where she developed signature processes designed to cultivate a person’s vision, values, and purpose in ways that hone in on their unique value, speak to their ideal client, and build cohesive culture.

Debbie joined The Four Cups to add heart and experience to growing a global community of business owners and entrepreneurs who are elevating human potential. She is passionate about her work with Faith and the team in bringing their vision to life in all they do.

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