Dr. Chris Key

DR. CHRIS KEY, holds a Ph.D. in psychology-psychophysiology from Union Institute and University. He is a certified Advanced Rolfer and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Delaware, where he works primarily with actors, athletes, and dancers focusing on the body in performance.

He integrates his practice of Rolfing with his broad studies with cornerstone pioneers in movement and wellbeing modalities, including Yoga with B. K. S. Iyengar; The Feldenkrais Method with Moshe Feldenkrais; Body Centered Psychotherapy with Ron Kurtz; and Continuum with Emilie Conrad Da’Oud.

Dr. Key is one of approximately 1,500 Rolfers in the United States, and is one of our most requested professionals.

From our clients


— Dr. Nate Mayfield

Biochemist and Chiropractor, New Mexico, USA

Chris did a wonderful job of re-establishing balance to my frame. He is one of the chosen.

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