Faith Green

FAITH GREEN is Co-Founder and Visionary of The Four Cups (T4C), a company with the drive and intention to wake up the way the world does business. The Four Cups is creating and supporting a global ecosystem of visionaries who are taking the lead in building organizations where everyone has the opportunity to grow and win. Faith’s genius lies in her ability to dive straight to the heart and core of people’s passions and goals to help them harness their vision. Faith has helped business owners— individuals and organizations alike—expand their vision, operations, and revenue to surpass their strategic objectives and grow sales and assets into the billions.

Faith, Rick Corrado, and their team partner with leaders and businesses to guide them to their natural sweet spot that optimizes their potential for happiness, sustainability, and impact. Through her experience working with executives and experts in their fields, she co-creates business models to serve the future, all while working alongside leaders of companies who are human-focused and heart-centered, and whose work contributes to the well-being of their teams, communities, and causes.

In addition to her business acumen, Faith has been a leader in health and wellness in Washington, DC for over 20 years. She works with professional athletes, nationally recognized business owners, executives, and entertainers, all with the help of her unique team of doctors, therapists, and healers. She believes in the value of living, playing, and working well. She has been fortunate to learn how successful individuals lead with their passion and purpose to live a truly great life that is coupled with optimal health and vitality. She brings joy, love, wisdom, and precision to everything she does.

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— Faith Green

After traveling the world seeking both ancient and cutting-edge wisdom to unlock the most vibrant health and dynamic relationships, I discovered that focusing on health, wealth, relationships, and purpose—pulling them all together—multiplies the power and impact of what we can achieve, exponentially. At The Four Cups, we simply help people reach so much more of their potential.

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