Jen Gebhardt

JENNIFER GEBHARDT is the VP of Marketing and Sales at T4C. Her genius lies in her ability to absorb large amounts of complex information, apply her strategic thinking, and formulate it into elegant solutions. She thrives in environments where she can use her problem-solving skills to improve the lives of others. She is passionate about the mission of The Four Cups to design organizations that evolve the human being and serve as an agent for good in the world.

For the last 10 years, Jen has applied her strategic design to the world of marketing and communications. She has worked as an online marketing expert and has a track record of adding millions to the bottom line for clients. She is the owner of a digital marketing agency and has worked with businesses all over the United States in a wide variety of industries. Jennifer uses her experiential knowledge in managing digital advertising and developing digital products to create unique campaigns that drive measurable results. As an expert on the T4C team, Jennifer utilizes her strategic thinking and marketing knowledge by helping T4C clients to identify areas of opportunity for growth through digital marketing and to develop powerful messaging around their mission and vision.

Jennifer joined The Four Cups team to play her part in expanding the impact of T4C. She is working with the Leadership team to take their decades of experience of guiding C-suite executives to record-breaking progress and crafting powerful online programs to impact a wider audience. She is passionate about joining the global conversation of how business can be both highly profitable and an agent for good in the world.

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