Latoya Bullard Franklin

LATOYA BULLARD-FRANKLIN’s destiny brought her from humble beginnings to a successful Entrepreneur.  She is Founder and CEO of The Bulsard Group, LLC-a firm celebrating over 10 years focused on partnering with clients to discover value, create value, and deliver value in the pursuit of Operational Excellence.

Little did she know her building blocks for success started when she was a young girl interested in taking apart devices to understand how all the piece parts work together. Fast forward to her adult life where she has become a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has been recognized as a trailblazer by Fortune 500 companies. 

She has led the Bulsard Group to be recognized by Fortune Magazine as 31st on the list of the top 100 successful inner city businesses focused on innovative business practices. The Bulsard Group is an Innovative Business Solutions firm whose promise is to create sustainable data-driven solutions ensuring a 30% increase in Operational Efficiency and 30% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership.

During her tenure of supporting numerous diverse businesses in breaking into new profit levels by improving their Operational Efficiency – including Fortune 500 companies, like Chevron, she has discovered that often the biggest breakthroughs come when the key players in a business clarify then align their personal values and big goals with the roles they play within the organization.

Her diverse business leadership spans all sectors from private with corporations such as Shell, public with organizations such as the Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority, and non-profit with organizations such as the Hero Women Rising. Mrs. Bullard-Franklin actively serves on many boards to develop their building blocks for success including the LSU College of Science, Greater Houston Black Chamber of Commerce, Enterprising Women, and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra where she serves as Board Chair.

Today, as she is continuing to serve companies, she is serving individuals in uncovering how to have their career path serve their life vision and mission through hyper-effective 90, 180, and year long plans. Using her LFE principles, she encourages her clients to ensure their work journey supports their life journey.  She believes this is achieved by LOVing yourself, having FAITH in God, and EMPOWERing others. She currently supports the Hero Women Rising project, and encourages indegenious communities in the Congo and Canada to leap to new levels of efficiency, achievement, and most importantly fulfillment. This is part of her secret sauce, that she is just beginning to share.

Mrs. Bullard-Franklin has a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana State University, and a Masters of Science in Project Management from Boston University.

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