Rick Corrado

RICK CORRADO is Co-Founder and CEO of The Four Cups (T4C). Rick’s genius lies in his ability to analyze and connect numerous parts and players in new ways to make better results for all. A consummate financial visionary and strategic consultant, Rick has educated over one million executives, entrepreneurs, investors, young adults, and even children in specific strategies for wealth and business. He has guided and assisted many to millionaire and multi-millionaire status, and helped others who were already there to amass passive income and increase their confidence in their financial security.

Rick has helped business owners grow their sales and assets into the billions by improving productivity and strategically increasing their value to all stakeholders for massive gains in productivity and profit, all while keeping an eye for sustainable growth. He has launched over 20 successful businesses, bought and sold many more, and developed multiple passive income streams. His own largest business to date is a real estate master franchise that he and his partners started with 17 agents in one office; it now has over 4,000 agents and just passed $9 billion in annual sales.

Rick, Faith Green, and their team partner with leaders and businesses to guide them to record-breaking progress with increased sustainability and impact. He puts his decades of experience working with executives and experts toward co-creating business models that can serve the future. In addition to his business acumen, Rick has an extensive background in music, dance, and martial arts. His understanding of the creative process serves him as a consultant, educator, and speaker. Rick is a numbers guy with a keen understanding of the value of all 4 of The Four Cups (performance, finance, relationships, and purpose), and he loves teaching highly-motivated companies, organizations, and individuals the powerful results that can be achieved by maximizing and leveraging each.

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Meet Us-Rick Corrado

— Rick Corrado

It is surprising how many business owners build and run successful organizations, yet neglect to leverage their businesses to become an asset for passive income. We help owners create a strategic business plan to perpetuate growth in both profitability and client impact, whether they are at work or at play.

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