Volker Frank

VOLKER FRANK is a Partner and Chief Strategist at The Four Cups (T4C). Volker is dedicated to developing leaders and organizations of the future that leverage people and their talents in new ways. He focuses on developing teams and collaborative systems that complement existing structures and brings a host of tools that enable dynamic steering, which empowers organizations to learn and adapt as they achieve their goals.

With decades of experience working in technology and leadership development for rapidly growing businesses and industries, he embodies Agile management and leadership values. He guides change initiatives through leadership coaching and curriculum development that get anchored in new processes and ways to collaborate. Volker is a systems thinker who identifies with our partners and clients the emergent strategies that will propel them towards their long term objectives. He facilitates conversations that stimulate curiosity and support leadership teams in examining the tactics that initiate systemic innovation. To accelerate the process, he invites leaders into the experience of systemic group dynamics that guides them in better leveraging their people. Volker sees organizations as part of larger ecosystems. He has a special gift for aligning organizations with strategic partners and allies that complement their capabilities and allows them to grow together towards more impact and shared purpose.

Volker brings an unwavering presence and heart to every project he engages in. Having been raised in Germany, he understands the importance of honoring the lessons of our histories in order to break the cycles of economic and social struggles, so that together we can create an equitable and sustainable future. And when you want to shoot the breeze with him, just ask him about racing sailboats, the sophisticated teamwork it takes, and how game theory informs racing.

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