Will Green

WILL GREEN electrifying presence enlivens almost everyone he encounters. His life’s work has been activating leaders in ways that give them access to their flow state, where they excel. Leaders are not “the chosen ones,” they are the everyday people who see beyond limits, and envision and create a brighter future for themselves, their families, communities, and humanity. Leaders need tools to measure when they are in alignment, and, if out of alignment, they need tactics to draw them back into alignment quickly and effectively. Will’s methodology for measuring and optimizing body alignment is a compilation of over 50 years of continued study and experiential knowledge in mindset, movement, and body mechanics. His work brings together centuries of global art forms, from ancient cultures to leading-edge systems of focused energy practices, including grandmaster, Jhoon Rhee, contrology of Joseph Pilates, and fluidity of Ida Rolf, just to name a few.

Will believes that by raising awareness of your thoughts, words, and posture, you can activate the strength and energy you desire for your body.

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— Faith Green

Co-Founder, The Four Cups, Washington, DC USA

“In 10 weeks I grew an inch and a half, correcting my scoliosis.”

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