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We created The Four Cups to guide individuals and companies in mastering sound principles of building strong health, wealth, and relationships — foundations for successful lives, companies, and communities. Why settle for less than the life of your dreams? You can achieve financial growth, peak performance, and joyful living — and we’ll show you how.



The Four Cups are containers for performance, finance, relationships, and leverage. All four work synergistically to create fulfilling professional and personal lives, full of extraordinary vitality and purpose.



The Four Cups Philosophy

At The Four Cups, we are committed to helping our clients and program participants master four essential areas to create an integrative foundation for the accelerated growth needed to live the life of their dreams.

Performance—We believe the habits that drive our ability to perform at our peak are key to mastery. By investing time and activity in practices that build optimal health, and focusing on the areas of our greatest strengths and deepest passions, we can achieve growth beyond measure.

Finance—We believe that our dreams and vision feed our heart and soul. Financial security is what breathes life into the process of getting those dreams to materialize. Money is never the end; it’s the means for wealth creation and the path to financial freedom and living the life of our dreams.

Relationships—We believe relationships are essential to growth and ultimate happiness. Cultivating supportive relationships and nurturing environments benefits and raises the bar for everyone, both at home and at work.

Leverage—We believe that by leveraging our top talents, our synergistic relationships, and our financial resources, we can accelerate our time frame and build a legacy that can endure.

Rick and Faith are revolutionary in their industry. They are thought leaders in the world of taking care of yourself personally, taking care of the people around you, and taking care of the bottom line! Working with them, I’ve learned so much more about business and investing, I relate 100% better to my colleagues and social peers, I work more efficiently, and I’m even more fit!
— Nick Jensen, Marketing Manager, New York University

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