To Grind or Not To Grind?

To Grind or Not To Grind? That is THE question.

You’ve heard it…

I’ve heard it…

The KEY to success is HARD work.

Embrace the GRIND… PUSH harder…

Although, at times, it is necessary, I have confession…

I spent 10 years working my tail off not to see the results that I came to expect from this kind of advice. And the sting of that realization still burns me every now and again….

Thinking of all the time wasted working hard.

You read that right. Thinking of all the time WASTED working HARD.

10 years ago when I was straight out of college, clear that I wanted to be a business owner not trapped in the rat race. And a couple of very successful and generous business people gave me some wise advice…

If you want to be successful in business, you must learn how to sell.

So off I went… I got my first job at a place where learning to sell was a core training — I got a job at a car dealership. I spent my 20’s slugging through sales jobs — including for one of my own start-up companies. I was moderately successful. But even more than that, I was exhausted.

I was frustrated, wondering if I had what it took to ever breakthrough, when I had the good fortune to meet the Founders of The Four Cups. From them, I learned the piece of advice I WISH I would have learned 10 years before….

If you want to be successful in business, learn how to build and lead superstar teams.

The light bulb went off… No big, exciting goal is ever achieved by one person alone. Maybe one person stands out as the leader, but big success takes an entire organized group of people.

That is why grinding harder wasn’t the answer.

That is why after 10 years, I was exhausted and only moderately successful.

Because selling isn’t my genius.

Gaining a strong understand of sales, WAS valuable; but pounding at that when it was NOT my best contribution on my team, was TIME WASTED.

I started on my journey to discover my genius…

The more time I spent working in my genius, the more my capacity grew and the greater the results I achieved…

Then, it was time to step out of trying to be a one woman show, and build my dream team…

The experience has been so life changing for me that it was a driving force behind the creation of the Harnessing Genius program. These systems had been proven and used in consulting top executives for decades… And I HAD to help organize them into a training where more people could discover the JOY of working in their genius zone. And building teams around them to do the same. This is where leaders and companies win.

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