The Wealth Builder Program is designed to give you a structural framework to initiate the momentum needed to propel you forward to achieve your life goals.

With its tools and assessments to track progress, formulas to calculate and reach ideal targets, and a workbook to guide your activities, you will create a master Wealth Builder plan to guide your success.

The year-long Wealth Builder Program starts with a One-Day Intensive to inspire you and to provide tools, guidance, and a framework for creating a roadmap for the journey you will be taking with us and our community. Our Virtual Seminars and Audio Series will give you a deeper dive into key concepts and strategies, as well as opportunities to ask questions and interact with our Finance team.

The Wealth Builder Program is life changing. My vision has expanded, my priorities are so much clearer and my mind has been opened to new opportunities that I continue to build on daily. Rick and Faith are extraordinary wealth builders who are deeply passionate about helping others achieve ultimate success. I am truly blessed to have them in my life and immensely thankful to have been introduced to their concepts and strategies.
— Shelley Divall, Owner & CEO, Pocket CFO, Toronto, Canada


Wealth Builder One-Day Intensive

The One-Day Intensive kicks off your Wealth Builder year blending financial tools, inspiration, key formulas, and proven strategies you’ll need to increase wealth and financial security. You will receive a workbook containing ten lessons with tools, strategies, and exercises to guide you in creating a Wealth Builder roadmap for the year and beyond.

Learn how to:

  • Design a blueprint for financial freedom
  • Generate new income streams
  • Identify and build passive income
  • Reduce expenses
  • Eliminate debt
  • Invest more of your income
  • Increase your net worth
  • Evaluate and select investments
  • Build a lasting legacy

To keep you motivated and on-target for reaching your goals, you are welcome to repeat the One-Day Intensive as many times as you wish during the year.  

And yes! We offer group and company training and pricing. Inquire!

As an actor, it is essential that I am also an investor. Inspired by the Wealth Builder Program, I CONSCIOUSLY make EVERY financial decision. I make myself aware of literally every dollar, even every penny that I earn, spend, and save to invest. The Two-Bank Account System has become a magic formula to keep me in check (no pun intended) with my financial self.
— Dan Istrate, Actor, Los Angeles, California


Wealth Builder Virtual Seminars

Following your first One-Day Intensive, you will have the opportunity to attend four 90-minute interactive Virtual Seminars. You may participate “live” with other Wealth Builders, or you may listen to the recording afterward, and continue to review these recordings, for the full year. These “live” events are designed to continue to guide you along your Wealth Builder path by deepening your knowledge and encouraging the habits and practices required to build passive income and net worth. They provide a platform for Q&As to facilitate problem solving, breakthroughs, and strategic action.

Wealth Builder has helped me rewrite my definition of wealth. Previously, my definition centered around personal financial abundance. It has now been expanded to include: my mental and physical health, my personal and business network, and the ability to leverage them all to produce a truly abundant life. A paradigm shift!
— Mike Brabson, Founder & CEO, MAB Consulting Co., Washington, DC


Wealth Builder Audio Series

The five-part Audio Series is designed to help you learn which numbers you need to locate, where to find them, and how to track them, in order to accelerate cash-generating and wealth-building activities. The Audio Series allows you to learn at a pace that suits your lifestyle and provides you with opportunities to re-listen to information until it becomes a part of your day-to-day thinking and behavioral patterns. With practice, the most amazing things can become natural.

I’ve found freedom for fun through Wealth Builder! I was able to take advantage of an awesome opportunity I previously would have passed up because I was crystal clear on my vacation budget. And now, I can enjoy international travel for life for a fraction of the usual cost. Without Wealth Builder, I would have missed this great chance for adventure.”
— Ginny Lenaghen, Retired Executive Blue Cross Blue Shield, Springfield, Virginia
Rick has supported my growth and success for over three decades with his unique mix of experience and insights into the areas of relationships, personal performance, strategy, and leverage. Whether I wanted a sounding board, additions to a list of out-of-the-box solutions, or a creative partner to develop business ideas, Rick has helped to empower my immediate wins as well as my legacy.
— J. Christopher Mizer, President and CEO, Vivaris, Ltd.


Become the Wealth Builder you want to be.