Spinal Rejuvenate™ is designed to invigorate the body’s innate strength and fluidity.

“In 10 weeks I grew an inch and a half,
correcting my scoliosis.”

Faith Green, President, The Four Cups, Washington, DC USA

Developer, Will Green, brings 50-years of bodywork and movement experience to the public release of Spinal Rejuvenate™.

Will Green Spine Expert
Spinal Rejuvenate™ incorporates core aspects of Pilates, Rolfing, Feldenkrais, and Alexander the most transformative movements techniques of the last century. Using his understanding and experience with these techniques and applying this to the spine—Will developed a methodology to elongate the spine. With the elongation of the spine, the central nervous system is able to communicate with greater fluidity and better regulate how the entire body operates. By following Spinal Rejuvenate™ techniques, clients have experienced elimination and reduction in pain, improved functionality of the key organs and improved overall well being.

Will is now offering this methodology to teachers trained in various styles of body movement in a
concise half-day Train-the-Trainer. In addition to learning his methodology, in real time,
they get instructions on how to incorporate Spinal Rejuvenate™ techniques into their classes
postures and positions. Help students be able to activate their spine in ways to achieve more
fulfilling experiences on the mat, moving through space and doing daily activities.

Extend your learning and support your students with sporadic, acute, and even chronic spinal pain!

During the 12-months following participation in the Spinal Rejuvenate™ workshop, teachers who
refer students for a one-on-one session with Will are invited to observe for the benefit of the student
and their continued development. Teachers with a 100 hours of tracking, implementation and
documented results will receive certification in Spinal Rejuvenate™.

Schedule YOUR Train-the-Trainer with Will today.

“The first time I used the stretching techniques from Spinal Rejuvenate™, my lower back pain was greatly reduced and I slept through the night without pain for the first time in a long time. Now I do the stretches every day!”

Dr. Patricia Green, PhD., Pennsylvania, USA

Head-to-Toe Spinal Rejuvenate™ will remove constrictions and activate the healing power of the body.

5,000 years ago Ancient Chinese Wisdom referred to “Disease as Constriction”.

Today, many experience constriction in the spine, which impacts the entire body. Constriction shows up in sensations of chronic, acute, and sporadic pain; shortening of height, reduced flexibility and range of motion. For many it limits their ability to be fully engaged in life.

By introducing new targeted movement patterns to the upper, mid, and lower spine releasing constriction, the spine has space to elongate. Understanding the spine is all about learning how to activate the power of the body versus moving through pain. Spinal Rejuvenate™ techniques include breath-work, focused awareness, and instruction to lengthen the spine from the sit bones to the top of the head, opening up pathways that impact health from the head to the toes.

The body is wise! When you engage and talk to the body, it listens.

Spine Expert Will Green
Spinal Rejuvenate™ 4-hour training will bring specialized knowledge and movements to invigorate the spine for Yoga, Pilates, Dance, and teachers of Movement Art practices that will be transformative for them and their students.

Spinal Rejuvenate™ techniques adapted to poses and positions for class application

Monthly Virtual mini-tutorials for 1 year

Opportunity to observe one-on-one referral sessions with the developer for clients with extreme challenges.

Certification upon 100 hours of implementation and results

Schedule YOUR Spinal Rejuvenate™ Train-the-Trainer today.

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